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Hair Care

Get smooth and gorgeous hair easily with the right hair conditioner. Spectrum Cosmetic Labs, Inc. offers products that give your hair that rich, healthy shine you’ve always wanted.

Skin Care

Your dream of having soft, clear skin can be a reality with our revolutionary acne treatment cream. It features an advanced formula proven to get rid of bumps and zits fast.

Who We Are

Spectrum Cosmetics Labs, Inc. in Bronx, New York offers innovative skin and hair care products featuring technologically advanced formulas that are botanically based. We incorporate aromatherapy and cutting-edge ingredients to come up with potent and fragrant formulations. For more than 40 years, we have been perfecting our formulas to ensure you get top-quality products that perform consistently.

Contact us in Bronx, New York, for skin and hair care products that give you a youthful glow.